About Brennfoerder

"Obviously we have had a good experience with Goodman. They have been most cooperative and very easy with which to work. We are most happy to recommend Goodman Architectural Services to any who contemplate a church building project."

Alan LaRue, Sr. Minister
First Christian Church
Salem, Illinois

(Dwight Brennfoerder was involved with client contact and designed multiple phases of work for this congregation while with Goodman.)

"The professional services and Christian working relations we found were exceptional. Dwight Brennfoerder's knowledge of 'doing church' made the design phase run more smoothly. Their ability to anticipate potential 'sore spots' in committee decisions eliminated unnecessary tension and allowed for productive harmony. The product that Dwight helped us achieve was structurally sound, creatively designed, aesthetically pleasing, and totally functional."

Dr. Guy S. Sanders, Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church
New Port Richey, Florida

(Dwight Brennfoerder designed facilities for this pastor while he was at this congregation and earlier while he was at another congregation during his time with Goodman.  This project was a major relocation to a new 40 acre site.  The earlier design involved a 1,000 seat auditorium addition to an existing facility)


"Goodman reflected our architectural needs. We were pleased with the construction management approach to building that you provided for us. It kept us in the drivers seat."

Phillip D. Ehm, Bldg. Chairman
United Lutheran Church of Bella Vista
Bella Vista, Arkansas

(Dwight Brennfoerder designed a major addition for this congregation while with Goodman.)


"We asked you to reach higher for something special and you exceeded our expectations by giving us a truly inspired design. We would not hesitate recommending Goodman Architectural Services to anyone needing such services. Your experience with designing churches certainly has been evident as your architects met with us to determine our needs and wishes and then translated those desires into efficient floor plans and an exciting exterior design."

Nels Johnson, Bldg. Chairman
Galena Assembly of God
Galena, Kansas

(Dwight Brennfoerder designed this complex auditorium, classroom and fellowship addition for a sloping site while with Goodman.)


"We have just opened the third facility that you've designed for us here. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you have given us over the years. There is not one thing that could be improved upon."

Ziden L. Nutt, Executive Director
Good News Productions, International
Joplin, Missouri

(Dwight Brennfoerder designed this multi-media facility while with Goodman.)

"Your expertise in the PowerPoint presentation to the commissioners and the funders was exceptional.  There were positive comments from both the commissioners and the funders on the professional and thorough presentation that was made on our behalf.  This was a crucial step in our building process.


"We also appreciated your patience with us as we totally revamped the plans multiple times.  This was a vital step in making the building fit our needs, and we always felt that you were willing to go the extra mile to assist us.


"The building project was completed in a timely and cost efficient manner which enabled us to stay within our budget. The completion of the building within our designated timeline and staying within our financial means was imperative.  The careful planning and recycling of our resources was crucial in meeting our timeline and financial needs.


"You and your staff were very pleasant and prompt to respond to our questions.  It was a pleasure working with you.  We will look forward to utilizing you in our next building project."

Janis Goedeke
Crawford County Health Officer
Pittsburg, Kansas