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Neosho, Missouri - Rocketdyne Church of Christ

The initial project consisted of a major overhaul of interior spaces.  This was not a simple new paint/new carpet type of redecoration. 


A series of previous additions had left the building with some code problems and functional deficiencies.  This project fixed the code problems, eliminated a problem corridor and a redundant kitchen.  Entrances to the foyer were double in capacity and walls were removed to simplify traffic flow and enlarge the foyer as seen below.


A previous remodel project was an attempt to enlarge the foyer by joining foyer and auditorium into one space.  That created problems in function and noise separtation.  This project enlarged the auditorium and placed a separation wall to keep foyer activity away from worship.


The original auditorium was dated with wood paneled walls, uneven lighting, and a glaring stained glass window at the front.  Seating in the rear portion was below a lower dropped ceiling marking where the old foyer wall had previously been located.  This project removed wood paneling, added large projection screens, converted the space to LED lighting, and changed the seating to individual chairs.  A darkening screen is added to the glass window at the front.  The outcome is an attractive and comfortable space for worship.


The rear of the original auditorium had a lower ceiling where the foyer had a previous separation wall.  Foyer activity could easily interfere with worship.  This project lengthened the auditorium, raised the ceiling at the rear, and separated it from the foyer.  New LED lighting makes this space a comfortable experience.


The original kitchen was undersized for fellowship activities.  This project converted an adjacent room to a smaller utility space and provided additional space for an enlarged kitchen with much improved function.


The pastor of this congregation reports that every area of the church building benefitted from this project.  Offices, foyer, auditorium, classes, and kitchen are all improved.  A redundant kitchen and a problematic dual corridor were eliminated.  He is very pleased with the final result.